Memories can haunt you


“Go in your room and take your sister too, and don’t ask me why!” My dad seemed to always yell. But there was this smell of something bitter in his mouth. Then my mom screams for him to stop. My sister starts crying so I grab her arm and drag her to the back room. I slam the door shut, only to open it slowly again and peek out. “Stop you have been drinking and you are going to do something you will regret, so stop!” My mom as she screams grabs the bottle to pour the alcohol out. My dad grabs her arm as an animal would do a prey. I look at my sister, who sits in the Corner of the small room and covers her ears. I fight back tears only to show the emotion of bravery. Not knowing I will be fighting back tears my whole life. My mom glances back at our room and I slowly close the door, to only put my ear to the door. “You know the police is out side and they will arrest you so calm down honey please.” As the words stutter from my  begging moms mouth, I once again open the door slowly. My sister grabs my hand to stop me, only making me want to open it more.  So i slowly stand outside my door taking small steps, then I freeze. My dad grabs another bottle from the refrigerator and heads out the window to the roof.
  My eyes close shut as I put the covers over my head. My lips become the chewing toy of my own teeth. I hold my hands together as if someone was holding mine. Then I realize I’m just reliving my dream that NEVER seems to have an ending or maybe I just can’t remember, but it’s OK it will be back tomorrow to HAUNT me again.


I would be lying if I said my life was perfect

I Sit On The Edge Of My Bed Wondering What Im Going To Write. As My Grandma Passes My Room Heading For The Kitchen And My Uncle With His Heavy Feet Stomp To The Bathroom And My Foster Brother Sitting In His Room Doing nothing and I Sit Here In The dark Room slanting My blinds Just Enough To Allow In Just Enough Light In Not To Harm My eyes. So What Do I write. Do I Tell You I’m A Depressed 18 year Old, Who Smiles To Pass Away The Pain And Trick Average Eyes To See Happiness. A Girl Who Really Has Never Had Her First Real Kiss. Or That I Have Never Been Really touched By A man In My Life. Or That I’m 50 Pounds Over Weight. Or That I’m A girl Who’s Dead Beat father Left Her Life At The Time She Really Needed Him. So I Would Be Lying If I Told You My Life Was What I Dreamed Of Full Of Happiness And Love. But If You You Read My Blog Don’t Feel Sorry For Me But Help Me Aware People Of The Danger Of Depression.